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Oskari Sundström is one of the cafe owners. Oskari is a genious in the kitchen and makes the best salmon soups of us all. Oskari is also active in the politics. Samuli Sundström is the other owner of the cafe. He makes the best cinnamon rolls! He has also a 3D-design company here in Fiskars called Samooja entertainment. Jonna and Jenny are the better halfs of Samuli and Oskari. Jonna makes lovely cakes during the weekends. She is an architect with the love for antiques. Jonna takes care of the Antiques when Ulla is not around. Jenny runs the cafe most of the week and takes care of the social media, running erands and helps with the marketing.
Ulla Sundström is the lovely founder of Cafe Antique. She has moved to Porvoo and started a new antique shop called Antique House. You can find this qute little shop in the middle of the Old Porvoo. Ulla makes sure that there is always antique at our cafe. Pertti Sundström takes care of the book section at our cafe. He has a company which concentrates on books about antique and art. He has books for sale from all over the world wtitten in different languages. Pertti can also be seen on many of Finland's biggest book happenings. Sanna Soinio is our super employee. She has been working at the cafe for years and is always happy and ready to help. We could not run this place without her. She works at the cafe with Jenny most of the week.

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Contact: +358 45 6495626
E-mail: info@cafeantique.fi

We recommend that groups bigger than 10 persons make a reservation.

This way we can make sure that there is enough seats and enough products. This way we can also take special diets better into account. -->

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