Here you can find information about the upcoming events in our cafe or in Fiskars Village.

More information about all the events in the village as well as shop, art galleries, exhibitions and opening hours can be found on Fiskars Village's webpage. From there you can also reserve guided tours in the village or in the summer exhibition.

Fiskars Village

Spring Market

The much loved Spring Market is here again! 25.-26.3.2017 Fiskars Village will be filled with lovely tastes and good atmosphere. The market will take place at Coppersmithy from 10am to 4pm. Don't forget to come and enjoy a cup of coffee & a cinnamon bun in Cafe Antique! See you in Fiskars! :)

More information:
Fiskars Village - Spring Market

Renovations in Cafe Antique

We have made some renovatrions in our cafe during Mars. After 3 weeks of planning, painting and building the renovation is finally done! Welcome to take a look and tell us what you think. :) Don't forget to taste our cinnamon buns!

More information and pictures can be found on our Facebook page:

Past exhibitions and happenings

From below you can read about happenings that have already passed. Many of the happenings will be arranged yearly. So if you are planning a trip to Fiskars later this year/next year it might be a good idea to take a look at the old happenings as well.

Summer exhibition

The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars (ONOMA) has arranged a summer exhibition in Kopper-smithy (Fiskars Village). This year the theme of the exhibition is Growth.

The exhibition is open 15.5.2016 - 25.9.2016
Monday - Sunday from 11am. to 6pm.

For more information:
Fiskars Village

Maan Maut - Food event

The popular food event "Maan Maut" will return to Fiskars 27-28.8.2016. During that weekend there will be a lot of local food and ecological food/other products for sale. Welcome to enjoy the lovely atmosphere and slow-food ideology!

For more information:
Fiskars Village

Antique Fair 7-10.7.2016

The traditional Antique Fair of Fiskars in arranged in the old knife factory in July. Cafe Antique will be selling coffee and cinnamon bunns in the area. During the fair we will also have some antiques with reduced prices in our Antique-cafe.

Do you know how many cinnamon bunns will be baked in Cafe Antique during the Antique Fair? Make a guess and you might winn 20 cinnamon bunns! :)

For more information:
Fiskars Antique Fair

Knife days

The Knife days is a yearly happeninh in Fiskars Village. This year it will be arranged 14-15.5.2016

The openinh hours::
Saturday 14.5 klo 10am - 4pm
Sunday 15.5 klo 10am - 2pm

More information:


Welcome to celebrate the 1st of may!

30.4 there will be a traditional VAPPU-RUN competition. You can join just for fun or to take time and compete. There are different groups for children and adults and many different lengths to choose from. You can also just come to enjoy the happening and cheer for the runners.

Happy VAPPU!!

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