If you are coming to Fiskars with a bigger group you might want to make a reservation in advance. This way you make sure that there will be enough cinnamon bunns or soup for all of your group. It is also easier for us to take special diets under concideration if you call us in advance. Depending on the day and the size of your group it might also be possible to make a different soup for your group (if you prefer something else than the one on our lunch menu). We recommend that you contact us as early as possible because espesially during the summer there might be a lot of groups coming and we can only take aproximately one group at the time.

Inside our cafe we have seats for aproximately 45-50 persons. During the summer we also have about 70 seats outside.

Some axamples of our prices:

Coffee + cinnamon roll 5,20€/person
Coffee + sandwich 6,20€/person
Salmonsoup and bread + coffee 9,20€/person

We also recommend that you contact Fiskars info before coming to Fiskars. They might be able to give your group some good advice about what to do while in Fiskars. They also have guided tours around the village and take reservations for the summer exhibitions. For more information go to Fiskars Village web page

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Are you coming to Fiskars with a bigger group?
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Ecological products

You can also find ecological products for sale in our cafe.
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Contact: +358 45 6495626

We recommend that groups bigger than 10 persons make a reservation.

This way we can make sure that there is enough seats and enough products. This way we can also take special diets better into account. -->

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