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The story of our cafe started years ago when Ulla Sundström decided to bring her little antique shop to Fiskars. The shop was called Wanhan Puoti and it has located on different places here in Fiskars during the years. Finally it ended up in the lovely Clocktower building in the middle of Fiskars. After a while Ulla started to sell coffee in her little antique shop and before she noticed the whole concept turned upside down. This is how Cafe Antique - a cafe which sells antiques - was started.

These days the cafe is owned by Ulla's two sons Samuli Sundström and Oskari Sundström. Ulla has moved to Porvoo to start a new antique shop called Antique House. This adorable antique shop can be found in the middle of Old Porvoo. Ulla still makes sure that there is antique products left in our cafe and in fact the whole interior is created with antique furniture (most of which are for sale).

Cafe Antique is a small family business that prefers ecological produts and raw materials that are locally produced. That's why for example the flour and peas that we use comes from a small farm called Mörby located here in Raasepori. We also sell ecological products in or cafe (for example Happy Apples' juice and products from Mörby).

We are known for our cinnamon rolls and our happy and positive atmosphere. This cafe is like a second home for us and that's why our opening hours are flexible. From the contact page you can find our opening hous but we usually open the front door as soon as the coffee is ready. We also try to keep the cafe open as long as needed. If you see that the lights are on, feel free to knock on the door. If possible, we will open. If you are coming to Fiskars with a group, it might be good to call us and make a reservation to make sure that there is enough soup, coffee or cinnamon rolls for your whole group. Even if your group is coming during a day that we would normally be closed, it doesn't hurt to call in advance and ask if it would be possible to have lunch or coffee that day. If possible, we will try to make it happen.

We also sell products as croissants, cinnamon rolls, cackes etc as take away. If you need something specific, call in advance and we will have it ready for you when you come to pick it up.
You can aslo ask catering possibilities.

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You can also find ecological products for sale in our cafe.
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Contact: +358 45 6495626
E-mail: info@cafeantique.fi

We recommend that groups bigger than 10 persons make a reservation.

This way we can make sure that there is enough seats and enough products. This way we can also take special diets better into account. -->

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